Package Logistics Business | Nihon Houzai to Total Support for Local & Overseas Markets by Global Network

Total Logistics Business

We realise One-stop Service
pursuing smooth process.

Nihon Houzai's Package Distribution Business supports totally speedily flexibly supply chane of customer's important products.

  • Assembly (Assembling/Packaging)

    We can prepare line of various set-up, processing, assembling, labeling, sorting, boxing, inspection, wrapping, packaging etc of customer's important products in correspondance with needs.
    Our staffs correspond, who are educated with "Safety/Security""Hygiene Control" in factory not only with good facility condition such as Clean Room but also with satisfying control standard of quality/environment.

  • Distribution Service

    We correspond with from warehouse service such as in-and-out and storage to distribution.
    We correspond with various needs of customer such as small quantity of many items, JIT delivery etc with safe, smooth and speedy service.
    We supply the most adequate and more value-added distribution service, utilising Nihon Houzai Group's network,

Active Performance
Catching Needs/Proposing Wants/Searching Total Adequency

Total Service
  • One-stop-service

    We correspond throughout from proposal of planning development of package to assembly and distribution in accordance with needs without stopping..

  • The most adequate balance

    We present service adding value to customer's request, considering the most adequate balance of "Speed" "Cost" "Quality" in order to respond to various needs.

  • Distribution Innovation

    Small difference becomes big difference by making total adequence of distribution created in various domains. We totally support customer by total Group from each business to overseas points.