Parts Business | Nihon Houzai correspond to small lot production and mass production in short time delivery.

Parts Business

We correspond to small lot
production and mass production
in short time delivery.

on part products

We realise to maximise cutomer's request
by using specialised knowledge and particular technics.

  • Reason why low cost

    Reason why low cost

    We make reasonable production with design using high accuracy special forming technics.
    We can shorten delivery time and cut costs considerably comapared with traditional injection forming. Different from injection making form one face by one face, our special forming could shorten work process by producing with 3D from start.
    Thanks to this, we have record that shows cost-cut max 60%, model-production in shortest 7 days and mass-production in shortest 30 days.

  • Merit of special forming

    Merit of special forming

    Since we introduced high-quality technics to special forming, we could produce complicated form and precision parts which were realised in past.
    We can develop in shortest lead time thinner formed parts due to products thinner and lighter tendency unable to be adapted by injection forming parts.
    And, you can utilise this to not only inner parts but also outer parts thanks to possible production by selecting various colour and form material.
    We can flexibly correspond to specification change on midway of production.

There creates so many merits by special forming of parts.

Comparison of special forming and injection forming
In acordance with products thinner and lighter tendency, we developped thinner formed parts which could not be produced by traditional injection forming..

Die costs
Production costs
Model production L/T
Mass production L/T
Minimum thickness
Design change
In case of special forming
In case of injection forming