Packaging Business | Nihon Houzai totally supports planning proposal, designing and production.

Packaging Business

We pursue a package evolving with the times.

on package products

Our packaging business totally supports planning proposal, designing and production.
Our total structure uniting each sections react to every customer's needs.

  • 3D設計と,試作型の切削イメージ画像
  • We concretise immediately customer's image.

    It is possible to cocretise customer's image in short time by 3D designing and speedy cutting of trial model.

  • Design Attitude

    We propose best solution to resolve problems by abundant record and high technics.

    Design Realising NeedsCost performance to resolve management issueEco-solution to reduce environment load
  • Speed to deliver products

    About 2 weeks from getting order to delivery of products
    Corresponding to issues which requires speed

    Getting order and having the meetingQuotationDesign and trialProductionShipping
  • Technics admired by world

    Nihon Houzai Group is proud of various glorious prizes.

    Worldstar Prize World Packaging Contest in 2002Good Packaging Prize Japanese Packaging Contest in 2002SpaceISO 100041