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Our Business

We develop the various activities by vitalize each strengthness
and by team-working each other

Our Business

  • Packaging Business

    Packaging Business

    We correspond totally in domestic and overseas from presenting plans adjustted to customers' needs and image to designing and manufacturing

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  • Parts Business

    Parts Business

    We realise the thinning/lightening/shortest time delivery/low- est costs by the development of the ultimate parts by the particular technics enabling the impossible

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  • Packaging Logistics Business

    Packaging Logistics Business

    We propose the logistics innovation complying with customers' needs by the best balanced one-stop-service

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  • Injection Forming Business

    Injection Forming Business

    We propose the best plan by the total correspondance complying with customers' needs from the forming to the assembly and the inspection

  • Material Business

    Material Business

    We support the new business by developping the sheet and the material by complying with the trend of the society and the variation of needs

  • Eco Business

    Eco Business

    We propose the development of new products by using materials in accordance with the environment of 3R (Recycle/ Reuse/Reduce) to the efforts of new system

Strong points of our company

  • point-1

    Records of New Material/New Process/New Technics/VA Proposal

  • point-1

    Establishing System of each Chinese Factory's Production and of External Ordered Production

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    Throughout Production of Planning-Designing-Trial -Mass Production

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    Development and Proposal of Only-One Products except Packaging Material

* Frame Parts (Thinner Forming)  * Assembly (Products/Parts Assembling) * Self-Adhesion Sheet (Special Scratch-Prevention Sheet)
* Others (Welder Adhesion, Heat Press, Half Cut)

We have 2 domestic centers. Please ask us anytime.

  • Tokyo Head Office

    Tokyo Head Office2-4-2, Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 142-0064, Japan

  • Chuukyou Branch

    Chuukyou Branch1-4-29 Aikyou Bld.803, Marunochi, Naka-ku Nagoya-shi, Aichi,
    460-0002, Japan