Solid formed shading cover sheet 【Examples of Solution】 | Nihon Houzai correspond to small lot production and mass production in short time delivery.

Solution Issue

Body formed cover sheet

Want to shade body parts

It is difficult to attach tape to spaces so light is escaped partially by way that traditional shade attaches when shading parts with small asperity as rib forms.
Especially when using tape to shade thin small parts like mobile phone, several sheet tapes attach to spaceless part for shading so attaching cost and tape costs are needed.

Traditional products(4sheets)

In case of traditional sheet material, 4 sheets are needed to cover parts at least.

Product Comparison

Traditional products leak light through space.

Resolution by sheet forming

Our way to shade light by special formed product uses 0.075mm thickness sheet and forms according to parts form so we can unify parts to be shaded and able to shade three-dimensional parts difficult by tape.

Possible of big cost-down

Possible to reduce much operation time and costs once needed by traditional taping because it's possible easily to equipe to parts to be shaded.

Cost and time

Following security

Possible to use safely parts heated by using Heat-resisting sheet

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