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Privacy policy

  • When I have you use a homepage (called "this service" as follows) that Nihon Houzai Co.,Ltd. (called "our company" as follows) runs, I may have you input a visitor name and an address and an e-mail address and the necessary information such as phone numbers.Our company manages customers’ personal information as follows.Please don't worry about it.

    Our company pays maximum attention to protection of identification or the information (called "personal information" as follows) that I can identify in the individuals who collected it from a visitor through this service.Our company establishes a policy to protect the personal information of the visitor with responsibility as follows and performs the construction of the system in the company, enforcement, the maintenance of the measure, their continuous improvement.
  • 1.In the case of the purpose that I established below other than a purpose to provide this service, our company may use the personal information that I collected from a visitor.Other than the offer of this service or a purpose to determine below, we do not use the personal information of the visitor.

    • (a) When introducing the product and services of our company
    • (b) When I refer for an opinion and the impression about the service of our company
    • (c) When preparing lists of names to be used for surveys for producing statistics.
  • 2. When our company corresponds to nothing following, I do not do an offer and disclosure to a third party by the personal information of the visitor.

    • (a) When our company got an agreement and the approval of the visitor beforehand
    • (b) The extent necessary in the context of the present service, want to disclose or provide to companies that are entered into a confidentiality agreement in advance with our company
    • (c) In addition, it is when an indication and offer are required by a statute etc.
  • 3. Companies that disclose or provide personal information in the above "2", our company, will enter into an agreement to implement appropriate control over personal information.
  • 4. In our company, you can take measures so that there is no loss of information leakage and unauthorized access, destruction, and tampering with strictly controlled and appropriate personal information collected from our customers.
  • 5. Our company will comply with laws and norms on the protection of personal information.
  • 6. Our company is committed to continuous improvement for the handling and protection of personal information.
  • Date of enactment: May 1, 2015
    Nihon Houzai Co.,Ltd
    President & CEO DAIYU KIUCHI